AR Discovery Phase

User Experience Lead
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AR Discovery Phase

Project Overview

The Challenge

  • Our team was tasked with designing a reusable “Prize in AR” experience to enable the client to showcase larger prizes in augmented reality.

The Ask

  • Outline strategic use cases for on-pack augmented reality that aligns with their customer’s digital behavior.

Success Metrics

  • Support campaign, boost traffic to the main site, delight customers, and boost brand loyalty.

Team Members

  • Sr. Project Manager
  • Art Director
  • Sr. Engineers (2)
  • Sr. Client Partner


  • Synthesizing Research
  • Facilitating Workshops
  • Driving Strategy
  • Presenting Outcomes

Project Details

  • Duration: 4 week sprint
  • Tools: Miro, Figma

The Customer


Age: 25-39

Snapshot of a customer profile provided by the client

  • Social, seeks attention & recognition
  • Brave & adventure-seeking
  • Willing to take risks in the name of fun
  • Hard-working, dedicated and sees his job as a career
  • Prefers American-made


  • Sports, especially fantasy leagues
  • Camping, the beach, bars, video games, & board games
  • Gadgets, mechanics and auto shows

Explore Solutions

How might we create a useful on-pack AR experience?

  • Facilitated a multi-disciplinary workshop to explore AR concepts
  • Included research summary and an AR inspiration board

Design Studio exercise:

  • Structured framework for generating, evaluating, and selecting ideas
  • Ensured every idea received equal consideration
  • Boosted ownership and investment in the final outcome

Review & Validate

  • Validated favorite ideas with client partner
  • Highlighted four focus areas to shape concepts
  • Client feedback tailored and expanded concepts
  • Ensured alignment with objectives

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Client Feedback

  • Client preferred Bonus Rewards concept as it connected to their current rewards system.
  • Confirmed provided personas didn't match their actual customer demographic.
  • The real customer demographic was in their 50s.

Final Concept

AR Prize Viewer - Interactive Adventure Truck in AR

We’ll give users a new way to visualize and learn about the Sweepstakes prize in their own space while encouraging additional submissions for the program.

User Flow

  • Experience should be simple to onboard and navigate.
  • User should be able to access AR truck from brand website or directly from their cigarette  pack.
  • User can explore prize truck features in AR, and be rewarded with redeemable points.
  • User will be directed to the brand rewards page after receiving their points.


Our team utilized an iterative process to develop a concept that aligned with the client's objectives, business strategy, and customer needs.

Although some of our ideas were not within their target demographic, they remain viable for future iterations of the AR program.

The client approved the final concept and provided the budget for us to start the design and development phase

Post Launch

A successful launch with over 11,000 views in just 5 days.