Virtual Wearable Acquisition

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Virtual Wearable Acquisition

Project Overview

Led UX design of a web app for acquiring virtual wearables to customize metaverse avatars. This incentivized the brand's first metaverse product launch and platform engagement. Focused on conceptualizing an end-to-end flow from accessory acquisition to avatar dress-up. Designed intuitive interfaces through an iterative approach to create a streamlined user journey aligned with brand goals.

Problem Statement

The brand aimed to enable pleasure-seeking for Metazens without an existing metaverse platform. Their challenge was creating short-term virtual delight aligned with their ethos of unlocking pleasure virtually and in real life.


  • Research synthesis
  • User flows
  • Client alignment
  • Wireframing & prototyping

Project Details

  • Duration: 3 week sprint
  • Tools: Figma

Research and Key Findings

User Research Insights

  • Metazens readily participate in metaverse
  • Eager for next iteration of internet
  • Want to curate NFT collections
  • Try new experiences if valuable

Additional Insights

  • Desire more immersive experiences
  • Branded virtual accessories increase status
  • Seamless redemption drives participation

Research Application

The research revealed the need for a seamless experience for the tech-savvy Metazen audience. My aim was to eliminate roadblocks and simplify flows as much as possible. The goal was enabling quick virtual accessory acquisition and reward redemption.

Define & Ideate

Defining the Solution Scope

Before outlining solutions, I created a high-level user flow to align on responsibilities with the team.

This helped answer key questions:

  • Does the flow address all client needs?
  • Which parts will the client handle?
  • What are our limitations?
  • How will the coupon work?
  • How will AR work on the web?

Having answers to these questions helped to focus the scope of the solution.

Solution Exploration

  • Ideation focused on communicating wearables’ story visually
  • Landing page needed to present value clearly and intuitively
  • Showing rather than telling the coolness factor
  • Selling value even before entering experience
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Adapting to Limitations

  • Web experience relied on ReadyPlayerMe API, limiting feature control
  • Used initial designs to align on achievable ideas within guidelines
  • API constraints made some concepts like wearable icons impossible
  • Brand had to compete within full ReadyPlayerMe asset library
  • Explored creative concepts and focused on achievable within limitations
  • Aligned brand objectives with partner priorities and technical ecosystem
  • Crucial to reconcile brand goals and partner constraints
  • Process of exploring, aligning, and focusing on achievable was key

Final Solution

Solution incorporated:

  • Insights from engineering conversations
  • Stakeholder feedback from review rounds


This project provided valuable insights into designing acquisition experiences for emerging channels like the metaverse. I look forward to applying these lessons as web3 and branded virtual goods continue evolving.


Key learnings:

  • Align to core brand pillars when exploring new metaverse spaces. Consistency is crucial.
  • Leverage research insights to create user-centric solutions. Findings guided simplified flows and value focus.
  • Explore creative ideas while evaluating feasibility. Balance innovation with pragmatism.
  • Adapt designs based on technical and partner constraints. Agility and embracing adaptations overcome limitations.
  • Balance brand priorities with partner ecosystem. Careful alignment across stakeholders is essential.
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