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Citi Bank

The Future State of Account Opening

The Citi account opening application had a 90% drop-off rate, needing urgent UX improvements and a fresh UI design. Our team of two designers had one week to conceptualize an evolved experience for senior leadership.

I joined on Day 2, after initial designs were scrapped. With tight timelines, we developed an account flow that impressed stakeholders up to the CIO.

In summary:

  • 90% drop-off highlighted need to overhaul account opening
  • One week timeline to conceptualize improved UX and new UI
  • Initial designs scrapped, pivoted to new user-centric flow
  • Fast-paced process but won over stakeholders with solution

Though extremely challenging, our user-centric solution demonstrated Citi's potential for transformative digital experiences.

Timeline & Tools

  • 1 Week
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